Danao’s journey diary: great contemporary american outdoors

Danao’s journey diary: great contemporary american outdoors

Travel, adventure and discovery, that is the spirit that moves us. We have embarked on a journey through the interior of the United States to discover landscapes that breathe the true essence of the country, places that breathe peace and serenity. There we have located architectures with a unique relationship with nature that we have become the stage to present our collections.

It has been a very special way of coming into contact with natural spaces that inspire us and encourage us to create, with which we connect deeply. This entire journey of discovery is reflected in our new brochure which, as a photobook, we present to you.

It has been an artistic and creative work that we have done together with the European studio Odosdesign, with whom we have worked closely to locate the stages, places that show respect and passion for nature, part of the essence of Danao.

Our global team supports projects anywhere, making us a leading partner for international hospitality, contract, and residential customers for over 20 years. This brochure is a travel photo diary that has allowed us to discover places that inspire us, make us dream and connect us with nature in a meaningful way.

Embrace the outdoors.