Better performance, less waste

Our fabrics are designed with endurance, versatility, performance and sustainability in mind. Products that are long-lasting and need to be replaced less often, which means less waste. We aim to throw nothing away, reduce what we need, reuse as much as we can and recycle what we can no longer reuse.

We are aware that the creative process can never be rightfully expressed by technical standards; we therefore believe that design can only be labeled as good design when it captivates and connects with end users through positive and life-enriching experiences.

Zero waste

We collect and sort all our textile waste and send it to a local spinner that turns it into yarn for us. This yarn is reused for our fabrics. In this way every bit of textile residue is put back into our manufacturing and no waste is generated.


Every year we recycle 13200 lb of textile waste back into new fabric. This is equivalent to saving the raw material needed to produce 52 mile of fabric, plus the natural resources and CO2 emissions that would have been involved in their manufacturing.

Our collections offer premium quality upholstery fabrics that are made using post-consumer, GRS certified recycled fiber, recycled cotton scraps and recycled fiber from yarn and selvedge waste.

  • Sustainable manufacturing

    The fabrics are certified after OEKOTEX and produced under ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.

  • Zero-waste production

    Using a “closed loop” recycling process, all textile waste that is generated during the weaving is collected and reprocessed into yarn that is applied to new fabric.

  • Chemical-free, easy cleaning

    The fabrics are machine-washable and stains can be easily removed using water and neutral soap.

  • Durability

    Thanks to their premium materials and weaving techniques, the fabrics will retain their look and colour for many years.