High-performance fabrics designed exclusively for outdoor and indoor.

Our fabrics are manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards.

We are a team made up of creative, talented and passionate professionals. We are committed to creating fabrics that help upholstered furniture turn into lasting objects of value. That is why we continuously push the functional, technological and crafted properties of our fabrics. Collections that demonstrate our engagement to color, style, timelessness and innovation.

Our technology

The fabrics of the recycled collection are double-woven. Double-weaving is a constructional method meant to make a fabric more durable. The technique of double-weaving makes it possible to reutilize our textile waste for the backside of new fabric while maintaining a truly high quality.
Thanks to this method of double-weaving, the fabrics of this collection contain a high percentage of recycled materials (including “closed loop” recycled fiber) without compromising quality.

As both weavers and designers, we are equally preoccupied with the emotional connection; this particular language hidden in textiles where art and aesthetics meet material, texture and colour, accounting for the distinction that sets a brand apart.

Driven by industrial proficiency, Danao Fabrics design unites high performance standards with a refined, contemporary aesthetic. Our fabrics owe their specific quality to double warps, high-quality yarns and tailored finishing, thanks to which they can be used and enjoyed over an indefinite period of time.

Chemical-free easy cleaning

The fabrics of the recycled collection can be easily and efficiently cleaned with water and soap, and are washable by domestic machine-wash.

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Commitment to sustainability

See how we are committed to maintaining a sustainable and environmental-friendly business here.