Danao Living is a story filled with adventure, fueled by performance, and sustained by deep friendship. Co-founders Larry Serge and Keshava Aswath first met in 2000 when Keshava happened upon one of Larry’s lifestyle-driven retail stores in Arizona. Their chance meeting soon evoked growing admiration and respect and set them off on a new adventure together. Fast forward almost 20 years, and they now lead a brand and company that has joined the ranks of the world’s most elite outdoor furniture design firms.

“The partnership was comfortable from day one because it was never just about the business.  We really appreciate being present and experiencing life as we build the brand.” – Larry

 “I always thought our different approaches would work out really well. We’re trying to create a business that makes us proud, that we can really enjoy, creating products that bring enjoyment to others.   – Keshava

Larry, born in the USA, has a passion for high-end sports cars. Keshava, having grown up in India, for motorcycles. They share a core belief in good design and the impact it can have on human experience. As adventure seekers, they travel the world, growing their business and enjoying every minute of the ride.

“Performance is an energy,” says Larry, “I feel it when we work with an incredibly talented designer who’s able to execute a product that is functional, absolutely beautiful, and performs for the customer.” 

“Performance is also about action,” says Keshava, “take, for example, a motorcycle that is well-designed. First you’re attracted to its design. Sitting on it, you appreciate its comfort. Then when you ride it, you fall in love with its performance. This brings joy to my heart, but take away any one of these traits and the experience falls short.” 

Both have visited some of the world’s most exotic locales. They tell stories of getting lost in the hills of Bali, Indonesia… of finding peace poolside at Utah’s extraordinary Amangiri resort… of tasting Sauvignon Blanc in New Zealand while hawks circled an impossibly wide sky. Not surprisingly, Larry and Keshava use words like “freedom”, “luxury”, “serenity, and “comfort” to describe the Danao Living collections that inspire others to embrace the outdoors.

“Turning abstract ideas into wood, metal and textured reality, creating beautiful designs for outdoor living, feels very natural and very much in line with how we believe we’re supposed to live our lives.” – Larry

“It’s about the emotions triggered by seeing something rare and beautiful… nature is invigorating and restorative at the same time.”  – Keshava

The story of Danao Living has only just begun, but from the opening chapter we can see how shared values driven by conscious awareness, perseverance, and passion can make the qualitative difference.

These core values are at the heart of everything Larry and Keshava do: success starts with brilliant design, execution requires expert craftsmanship, and products must be attainable at a fair price.

Caring about how good design can solve problems and make the world a better place and caring about how they do business have inspired Larry and Keshava to create an enduring brand.

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