Architect: Vincent Van Duysen

Some people might say the clean lines and quiet spaces of minimalism lack heart and soul—but only if it’s not in the hands of architect Vincent Van Duysen. The aesthete’s philosophy of “reduction to the essence” ensures that just the vital and necessary elements of design manifest in form. His astute attention to detail, his use of natural materials, and his brilliant manipulation of light and space have resulted in some of the most breathtaking and serene constructs to experience life.

Listen: Krishna Das

Known as the “rock star of yoga,” musician Krishna Das fuses traditional call-and-response chanting with western musical influences to compose kirtans—Hindu devotional music. A lifelong student of Hinduism and yoga, Krishna Das has led thousands in chant with his uplifting, meditative music that soothes and awakens the soul.

Visit: Desa Seni

Desa Seni is a not only a resort, but also a true cultural experience—a peaceful place full of Indonesian artifacts, antiques and art. In addition its eco-conscious practices, the resort works with local farmers and businesses, and also gives back to local orphanages. When you stay at Desa Seni, not only will your senses be calmed, your heart will be lifted.

Watch: “180 Degrees South”

In 1968, two friends Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins took what was the journey of their lives, traveling from Southern California to Patagonia in Chile. More than two decades later, a young American named Jeff Johnson stumbled upon footage of this trip and decided to someday quit his job to take the same journey. This documentary trails his modern day adventure. Filled with incredible scenes of majestic beauty, the film also calls to action the measures it will take to preserve and save the natural world. You can watch the trailer here.

Artist: Emily White

Deeply touched and inspired by wildlife in its natural habitat, artist Emily White’s paintings and sculptures pay homage to beasts, both small and large. Though her art is immediately recognizable, it is her fantastical and metaphoric construction that reveals her individual conversation with each subject.

Visit: Ten Thousand Waves

Though it’s located in Santa Fe, NM, this luxury spa and resort is inspired by the serene hot spring in the mountains of Japan. Carefully built and designed to bring an authentic and traditional Japanese experience to its customers, the resort also offers state of the art technology in its services. Everything at Ten Thousand Waves revolves around the healing, cathartic and revitalizing benefits of bathing in hot water.

Read: “Shantaram”

The saying that “truth is stranger than fiction” holds true in this novel that is based on author Gregory David Roberts life as an escaped convict from prison. It’s impossible to summarize the 900-plus pages of Shantaram, but it is about one man’s journey, literal and figurative, to redemption. From crime to love to heartbreak and hope, this is the story of an extraordinary life that one may not wish to live, but is glad to have read and learned.

Visit: Black Barn Winery

Attention wine lovers, scenic admirers and pleasure seekers—New Zealand’s Black Barn Winery should be on your “places to visit” list. This boutique vineyard nestled in the rolling landscape of Hawke’s Bay wine country, specializes in Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Wine it does, and does well, but it also offers a farm-to-table bistro, outdoor concerts, and beautiful accommodations for short or extended stays (and believe us, you probably won’t want to leave).

Activity: KTM Adventure Tours

If you like a little adventure (and who doesn’t?), perhaps your next vacation should be spent on some wheels. So if you’re up for some fun and want to see the world a little differently, hop on a motorcycle and veer off the beaten path. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, KTM Adventure Tours has a package—and road—for every skill level.

Music: Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst, 35 year-old indie-folk musician has a voice like young Bob Dylan—just a tad softer and vibes that are reminiscent of The Cure. Proud PETA supporter and successful musician, Oberst is best known for his partnership in Bright Eyes, whose album “Fevers and Mirrors,” made Pitchfork Media’s top 200 list of the 2000s. Oberst’s latest album, “Upside Down Mountain” is a collection of original songwriting since 2008. The sound is bright and cheery, with energy-filled notes of percussion, yet heartfelt lyrics. Oberst is continuing to make music and travel from band to band, it seems that he isn’t dedicated to just one thing but more so a traveler, a traveler of music.