We are proud to have our Paloma Collection featured on the front cover of the 2018 RH Outdoor Catalogue.


Toan Nguyen, Milan, Italy

Toan Nguyen and Danao Living have begun collaborating on two collections for the brand. In the Fall 2017, we will introduce Toan’s first collection for Danao Living which we believe will stand out as one the most beautiful in the world of outdoor furniture. We look forward to working closely with Toan as his professionalism is unparalleled

Toan Nguyen (Photo Credit: Andrea Basile)


World-renowned designer Mario Ruiz joins Danao Living's design team

Starting January of 2017, Spanish designer, Mario Ruiz began developing new collections for Danao Living. In 2017, we will introduce two outdoor collections by the acclaimed designer.

Mario Ruiz


Featured project: Alila Hotel, Ubud Bali, Indonesia

We are thankful for having opportunity to develop the outdoor furniture for the Alila Hotel in Ubud. Ubud holds a special place in our hearts…amazing people and environment!


Featured project: The Cape Resort, Cabo, Mexico

In summer of 2016, The Cape Resort opened its doors, with the Baja vibe in mind, our Exo Collection fit in seamlessly, designed by Ann Vering. Our collection within this hotel is based on creating a luxurious yet natural aesthetic that worked with the natural setting of the hotel and the surrounding waters and climate of Cabo, Mexico.


Danao Living partners with design legend Arthur Casas

Preparing for the release of our new outdoor collection, brought to you from the mind of Arthur Casas, the Brazilian designer who brings function and balance to his work while embracing the design principle of comfort, beauty and balance.

Arthur Casas (Photo Credit: Jonathan Chicaroni)


Collaborating with award winning designer, Monica Armani

Working with Monica Armani has been a great joy. Her passion, talent, and exuberance has enabled us to develop two uniquely original outdoor collections that will be launched in Fall 2017. Check back soon as Sperone and Grace Bay will be available for all to see.

Monica Armani


Serge family moves to Bali, Indonesia

After seeing off his daughters to college, Larry packed up with his wife, Kate and two young sons and moved to Bali, where the boys could attend an international school close to dad’s work.


Demak, Indonesia

Our company is growing! We established a new Indonesian teak factory in Central Java which will allow us to grow physically and creatively.


Featured project: Nobu Doha, Qatar

Our Onda collection, designed by Marmol Radziner was perfect for the exquisite Four Seasons hotel in Doha, Qatar. The evolution of this collection within this space is all about a clean and natural environment that fits in wonderfully with the architecture of this hotel.


Gordon Gilliaumier, Milan, Italy

Gordon Gilliaumier skillfully developed a collection that is suitable for the residential and hospitality outdoor market. The Mozia Collection—effortlessly practical, sophisticated, and beautiful.

Gordon Guillaumier (Photo Credit: Andrea Basile)


Jepara, Indonesia

The people of Indonesia are close to our hearts. So when we had the opportunity to assist a boys orphanage in Jepara, Indonesia we were more than happy to do so. Watching these amazing kids grow up healthy and well balanced has brought much joy to us.


Antwerp, Belgium

Larry Serge began traveling to Europe to meet with world class designers in an effort to expand the companies design palette. Three years later, Danao Living is working with some of the top product designers throughout Europe.


Danao Living Upholstery Factory, Taylorsville, NC

Who would we be without our brilliant and hardworking team? Here is Rita Chambers, our Director of US Operations at our new Danao Living Upholstery Factory in Taylorsville, North Carolina.


Featured project: W Hollywood Hotel

At the W Hollywood Hotel, our Exo and Onda collections fit in flawlessly. This modern space was craving pieces that not only worked within the hotel but outside of it too, within a city that is always evolving and changing, our collection provides the future-forward thinking that LA is known for.


Architectural Digest

Desert Collection (along with the beautiful house) designed by Marmol Radziner featured on the cover of Architectural Digest. 


Featured Project: The Desert House, Palm Desert, CA

Desert Chaises at the Desert House both designed by Marmol Radziner. A great example of how the architect designs the house and the furniture in perfect harmony.


Los Angeles, CA

In 2005 acclaimed Architects Ron Radziner and Leo Marmol began designing furniture for our company. The Marmol Radziner team is known for designing and building some of the most iconic structures in America. Their attention to detail and design brilliance is evident in all of their work.


Ann Vering, West Hollywood, CA

Ann Vering has been a big part of the fabric of Danao Living from the earliest days. She has shared many adventures with the company which has included long trips to Indonesia and Europe. Her design brilliance and attention to detail continues to be evident in her latest collections: Reddington and Cuff.


Featured Project: Ku De Ta, Bali Indonesia

Having the opportunity to build custom teak daybeds for one of our favorite spots in Bali was incredible. Ku De Ta is an international hot spot for world travelers and is enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year.