An updated brand to reflect the spirit of our company

An updated brand to reflect the spirit of our company

In 2019 we embarked on the exercise of redesigning our brand. We thought the time was right. During the last years we have evolved a lot. We are growing in both new markets and new designs, the result of collaboration with some of the best international designers. But Danao’s goal remains the same: connecting our customers to the great outdoors.

For the creative process of rebranding we have had Odosdesign, a European studio with the adequate sensitivity for design and that gives us an international vision focused on the habitat sector.

The result is a logo full of personality, with a timeless, sophisticated and elegant language that also characterizes Danao’s products. A new look to embrace the brand’s values while positioning it as a timeless and meaningful company connected to the United States.

The pure geometries of contemporary architecture and the captivating spectacularity of the American landscape are the basis of our inspiration and what guides us in our designs. Our brand should be able to translate that immutable beauty, invite our clients to enjoy nature without haste, savoring every moment creating peace and serenity.

Danao, embrace outdoors.