We are a spirited American lifestyle brand offering exclusive furnishings for outdoors and in. We believe that connecting with nature enriches our minds and expands our hearts.  The great outdoors opens us up to endless possibilities while Danao Living makes us feel comfortably close to home.

Our mission is to make outdoor furniture as beautiful, flawlessly designed, and enduring as nature itself. We create the serene and luxurious exterior living spaces that connect people with the natural world and encourage them to savor every moment.

Danao Living.  Bringing a tradition of timeless design and elite craftsmanship to all the places we call home.


Danao Living is a story filled with adventure, fueled by performance, and sustained by deep friendship. Co-founders Larry Serge and Keshava Aswath first met in 2000 when Keshava happened upon one of Larry’s lifestyle-driven retail stores in Arizona. Their chance meeting soon evoked growing admiration and respect and set them off on a new adventure together. Fast forward almost 20 years, and they now lead a brand and company that has joined the ranks of the world’s most elite outdoor furniture design firms.


“The partnership was comfortable from day one because it was never just about the business.  We really appreciate being present and experiencing life as we build the brand.” – Larry

“I always thought our different approaches would work out really well. We’re trying to create a business that makes us proud, that we can really enjoy, creating products that bring enjoyment to others.”   – Keshava


The artistry and craftsmanship of our collections is often inspired by personal stories of travel, adventure, innovation and discovery.  Perhaps that helps explain their transformative power.  But while the style, luxury and comfort of our designs has made Danao Living an internationally acclaimed brand, our way of doing business remains rooted in American ideals.

That means delivering on promises, showing respect, and creating honest value. As a company, we embrace these ideals every day.  Not just for our clients and ourselves, but for others around the world who, like us, Embrace the Outdoors.

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Danao Living’s furniture collections have been sought after by the world’s most exclusive hotels, resorts and residences.  Our designs have appeared on the covers of leading architectural and design magazines.   And we are proud that our clients’ confidence in the craftsmanship of our offerings, the ingenuity behind our design and the quality of our standards place us among the best in the field.

A vision of peaceful, inspired living informs every Danao Living design.  We are focused on creating the peace of a vacation experience for the home, producing furniture that blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings.

The interior design firms and architects we serve in contract, hospitality and residential sectors trust us as a valued partner in carrying out important and challenging projects.  As a modern brand connecting the American spirit of imagination, commitment and creativity with the talents of celebrated designers from around the globe.